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TAKE NOTICE that the Township of Melancthon has initiated a review to introduce a new policy that aims to permit the construction of Additional Residential Units (ARU) on lands throughout the Township of Melancthon. This policy specifically aims to allow up to three (3) ARU’s per lot.
PUBLIC MEETING: A public open house has been scheduled for Tuesday, April 30, 2024, between the hours of 5:30 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., in the Council Chambers at the Township Office located at 157101 Highway 10, Melancthon.  Staff will present the proposed new policy at 6:00 p.m. and a public discussion and question and answer period will follow.
Township Planning Staff have prepared information and reports, which will be available for public review on the website and at the Township Office during regular business hours:
For more information about the Township initiated Zoning By-law amendment, please feel free to contact one of the undersigned.
Kaitlin Dinnick
Administration and Finance Assistant
Liam Morgan
Development Planner
An Additional Residential Unit (ARU) is a dwelling unit that is subordinate to the primary dwelling unit on a lot. Operated as a singular housekeeping unit and has independent:
  • Sleeping accommodations;
  • Sanitary facilities;
  • Cooking facilities; and,
  • Living accommodations.
Must satisfy the Ontario Building Code and Ontario Fire Code requirements.
ARU provides a short term and sustainable response to the need for affordable housing.
  • Supports housing needs based on stage of life, range of income and tenure (students, young couples/families, elderly, caretakers)
  • From a municipal perspective is a more efficient use of infrastructure
The Township By-law 40-2021 allows for Accessory Dwelling Units in General Agriculture (A1), Special Agricultural (A2), Hamlet Residential (R1), and Small Lot Estate Residential (ER1) zones subject to specific regulations for lot area, frontage, and parking.
Municipalities are now required (through the 2019 More Homes, More Choices Act (Bill 108), to permit additional residential units in detached, semi-detached and townhouse dwellings, and in an accessory building/structure, totaling a possible 3 residential units on a property.
To bring the Township into full compliance with the changes to the Planning Act respecting ARUs, and to respond to the increasing public interest in ARUs as a housing choice, Staff is proposing to bring into effect a new ARUs policy.
Get Involved
  • Information Report: Staff will be presenting a kick off Information Report to Council during the April 4, 2024 Council meeting. A recording of the meeting will be available on April 8, 2024 – Staff encourage viewing the report to see preliminary regulations, questions requiring feedback, and additional project information.
  • Open House: The Township’s Planning Department will hosted a Public Open House in person Session on April 30, 2024 to introduce the community to the project and seek feedback and answer questions. View the Open House Notice to learn more.
  • Online Survey :We want to hear from you! Check back here in to complete our online survey. 
  • Feedback: If you have ideas or input you would like to share at this time, or would like to be notified of project updates, please email Liam Morgan