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Melancthon Township Public WorksThe Township of Melancthon Public Works Department is responsible for all Township roads (approximately 314 kilometers), ditches, culverts, signage, on-going maintenance work, grass cutting and various construction projects. Maintenance of the roads will include, but not be limited to, grading and gravel in the spring, dust control, roadside grass cutting, construction and paving in the summer and snow removal in the winter.  The Public Works Department works hard to keep these roadways in good repair to ensure the safety of our residents and the public who are travelling on them. The Public Works Department is located at 157101 Highway 10.  Melancthon Township roads are maintained in accordance with the Minimum Maintenance Standards for Municipal Highways (Ontario Regulation 239/02) through By-law No. 49-2002.  These standards provide the regulatory requirements for maintenance activities for summer and winter standards.


Craig Micks, Public Works Superintendent
519-925-5525 Ext. 105