Home Council By-Laws
No Heavy Trucks By-law 16-2024
Procedural By-law 4-2024
Code of Conduct for Council and Local Boards – 29-2023
Tariff of Fees for Planning By-law 15-2023
Mandatory Pre-Application Consultation By-law 11-2023
Accessory Dwelling Units By-law 40-2021
Minimum Distance Separation Formulae By-law 56-2020
Cannabis Facility and Definition and Regulation By-law 47-2019
Salvage Yard By-law 56-2019
By-law to establish Development Charges for the Township of Melancthon and to Repeal Development Charge By-law 2014-42 – By-law 37-2019
By-law for prescribing standards for the Maintenance and Occupancy of Property within the Township of Melancthon “Property Standards By-law” By-law 27-2019
Amendment to Property Standards By-law 21-2023
By-law to Define and Regulate Home Based Business – By-law No. 33-2017
By-law to Provide for Reduced Load Periods within the Township of Melancthon and to provide for Exemptions – 49-2015  Amendment to By-law 49-2015 – By-law 12-2019
By-law to Permit Off Road Vehicles on Municipal Roads No. 43-2015 
Seasonal Road Maintenance By-law No. 25-2014
Special Events By-law No. 55-2013
Tariff of Fees By-law No. 35-2013 – Amendment to Tariff of Fees By-law No. 60-2015
On Farm Business Uses By-law No. 44-2012
Excessive Noise By-law No. 31-2002 – Amendment to Excessive Noise By-law No. 40-2013
Canine By-law No. 17-2003Amendment to Canine By-law No. 17-2015
Site Alteration By-law No. 29-2004Amendment to Site Alteration By-law No. 40-2012
Fence By-law No. 6-2006
Fire By-law No. 10-2007