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Standards of Care for Dogs Kept Outdoors in Ontario — Legal Requirements and Best Practice Guidelines
Canine Control – Canine Control Services are handled by Municipal K9 Control (formerly Olympus K9).  For dogs running at large, lost or found, please call the Municipal Office during Office Hours at 519-925-5525.  For after hours, please call Municipal K9 Control at 519-942-1508 and leave a message – someone will return your call.
You are required to licence each dog you own or harbour.  The new Dog Tags are now available at the Municipal Office – 1st dog – $20.00; 2nd dog – $25.00 and 3rd dog – $60.00.  Kennel Licence – $150.00.  Dogs tags/Kennel licences are to be purchased annually by April 1st.   Staff have inputted the information obtained from the Enumerators in 2017 and in 2018 mailed out a tag for the number of dogs we had on file per property.  The new dog tag does not indicate the year and this is because you will only receive one tag for each dog and the Township will just send out a renewal invoice each year rather than a tag and invoice.  The renewal invoices will be mailed out in late March/early April.  Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the Township Office at 519-925-5525.