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The Township mails two tax bills per year with two installments on each bill.  The Interim Tax Bill is mailed on February 1st and the installment due dates are in February and May. The Final Tax Bill is mailed on August 1st and the installment due dates are in August and November.
Taxes are payable at the Municipal Office by cash, cheque or debit card or cheques can be mailed to the Township of Melancthon, 157101 Highway 10, Melancthon, Ontario, L9V 2E6.  Please make cheque payable to “Township of Melancthon” and enclose all stubs applicable to your payment, especially if you own more than one property.
Those with accounts at the following financial institutions may make tax payments by telephone or internet banking:  BANK OF MONTREAL, CIBC (INCLUDES PRESIDENTS CHOICE FINANCIAL), CREDIT UNION CENTRAL ONTARIO, CREDIT UNION CENTRAL B.C., NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA, PEOPLE’S CREDIT UNION-SHELBURNE, ROYAL BANK, SCOTIA BANK, TD CANADA TRUST, TEL-PAY, CREDIT UNION-DUNDALK.  You must contact your Financial Institution to set up this method of payment prior to attempting a payment.  Ensure that you allow sufficient time for these payments to be forwarded to the Township in order to avoid penalty/interest charges of 1.25% added on the first of each month.  Contact your financial institution to determine if payment at banking machines is acceptable.  The bank will require you to provide your Tax Roll Number.  Please use the first 15 digits of your roll number on your tax bill as your account number.  NOTE: If you have multiple roll numbers (properties) you must create separate payment arrangements for each roll number in order for payments to be posted correctly to each property.  Payments will only be posted according to the roll number indicated on receipt of the banking transfer documents.
THE TOWNSHIP IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR MAIL DELAYS.  To avoid interest and penalty charges, payments must be received in the Township Office by the DUE DATES.  If you cannot make it to the office during our hours, there is a drop off slot at the front of the building.  If you wish to send postdated cheques when you receive your tax bill, they will be held until the date on the cheque.  WE DO NOT ACCEPT CREDIT CARDS.  The charge for a returned cheque is $35.00.